Frequently Asked Questions

dodge van wheelchair converison

What types of services do you offer?

We sell wheelchair-accessible vehicles and accessible vehicle modifications to individuals, transportation companies, and public service agencies.  

Do I have to have a van (chassis) already?

Not necessarily.  You can purchase an accessible vehicle already converted, or provide your own chassis to be modified by the conversion manufacturer.   Remember, not every van can be converted.  Making a mistake in this space can be very expensive.  Be sure to contact us to find out which vans can be modified for wheelchair accessibility.  

Is there funding available?

YES!  Programs are very specific and most programs will offer funding to help offset the cost of the modification only.  Medicaid Waivers, Waivers through the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, Veterans Administration, and Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation all offer programs that may assist with funding an accessible vehicle.  

What if I don’t have a Medicaid Waiver and I’m not a Veteran and I don’t have Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation support?  Is there other funding available?

YES!  There are some grants available that will help with a vehicle modification.  Most grants support very specific populations.  Some grants are exclusively for children, some for people with specific diagnoses, and some for specific areas of the United States.  Contact us to talk about funding opportunities that may be available to assist YOU!  

Is Stay at Home Vehicle Modifications a Waiver Provider?

YES!  We work with Ohio Home Care Waiver, MyCareOhio Waiver, Level I Waiver, Individual Options (I/O) Waiver, and the SELF Waiver.  We are also approved by all of the managed care organizations (MCOs) in Ohio.  

What types of modifications do Stay at Home Vehicle Modifications offer?

We offer all styles and brands of conversions.   It is our goal to provide the best selection of available, safe, accessible modifications to meet your need at the best possible price.  If it exists, we can get it.  

Where is your dealership?

We do not have a brick-and-mortar location.  It is our goal to keep costs as low as possible.  Many people have already visited a dealership and have become frustrated and experienced “sticker shock.”  We will work with you one-on-one and will provide an at-home consultation when it is convenient for you.  You will always have the ability to reach out to us and we regularly work with our clients evenings and weekends for YOUR convenience, not ours.  

What areas of the state do you serve?

We serve all 88 counties in Ohio.  We work with all of the Area Agencies on Aging.  When you purchase your modification or accessible vehicle with Stay at Home Vehicle Modifications, it will be delivered to you at your home, office, or wherever you choose.  We will explain how everything works and sign all paperwork at your location.  There is no reason for you to have to find a ride, to get your ride.  
That’s just silly.  

Do you offer conversion repairs or rentals?

Not at this time.