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When purchasing a new accessible van, it’s important to stay sharp. Keep the following in mind when in communication with a dealership. Here are five things dealerships won’t necessarily want you to know, and that YOU should know before purchasing your first wheelchair accessible van.


“This Is What We Have – So This Is What You Should Buy”

Dealers have what they have in stock and will try to sell you something from

their limited inventory, even if it doesn’t fit your specific and unique needs.

When you work with FR Conversions, we’re able to search hundreds of vehicles that we ourselves have built and warrantied.


“Look Over Here! Don’t Read the Fine Print”

Did you know that the average dealer marks up add-on options by 100%! When you buy through a dealer, they mark up the base vehicle, the add-ons, the parts, the labor – everything! There really is no standard of practice here and most times your final price tag will be outrageously expensive compared to buying direct. FR Conversions is able to offer the most affordable accessible vehicle on the market because we manufacture everything in-house and have developed efficiencies in our process to drastically reduce costs. We happily pass these savings along to you and your family.


“We’re Not Experts – We Just Sell This Stuff”

Dealers are in the business of selling whatever is on the lot, not finding a custom solution that’s right for you or your loved one. Most dealers are not well trained on the various products and options that exist for people who are looking for accessible vehicles. Driven by innovation, FR Conversions designs, engineers and manufactures accessible transportation solutions well beyond the industry standards and our team is trained to be experts in accessibility products. We take pride in adding massive value to the community of people who need access to safe, reliable and easy to use transportation.


“You Need That Upgrade, Even If You Think You Don’t”

Dealers are rarely open and honest about where those extra mark-ups are and often creatively hide them in the sticker price or contract. Be wary of someone trying to sell you features you didn’t ask for, because dealers make most of their money on the add-on options. At FR Conversions, we often talk our customer OUT of unnecessary options. We take the time to understand your unique situation so that we can find you and your family a truly custom solution.


“It’s All About The Money”

Dealers only care about the money. They try to sell you features you don’t need at outrageous mark ups, without truly understanding your purchase goals. FR Conversions truly cares about the community that needs accessible vehicles. We create these vehicles because we are passionate about meeting the needs of families with physically challenged loved ones. We also pride ourselves in life-long relationships. Purchase your custom vehicle from us and join the FR family for life.


As an authorized Second Stage Manufacturer for Fiat Chrysler Automobile and a partner in the Ford QVM program in addition to our collaborations

with General Motors and Toyota, we have proven ourselves to be far more than just an up fitter! Beginning with vehicles manufactured by the world’s foremost automotive firms, FR Conversions Inc. is a van conversion company

that designs, engineers, and manufactures transportation solutions well beyond industry standards. FR Conversions works with select dealers who uphold the same values and practices as our own, which ensures that our customers are not taken advantage of.

We provide brand new accessible Chrysler Pacifica side entry vehicles for wheelchair users and their families. We have designed a vehicle that is better in every way. We provide a 10 year/100K mile, bumper-to-bumper warranty, competitive pricing, and we provide in-driveway demonstrations so you needn’t even leave your home.

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